Today we have some quite interesting news as Nintendo have just announce the ‘New 3DS’ and ‘New 3DS XL’, which makes it the fourth and fifth console within the 3DS family. The console has been redesigned slightly with quite a few brand new and improved features.

Check out the trailer and some details after the break!

The first feature listed is something a lot of gamers have been asking for a very long time… heck they’ve been asking it since release, and Nintendo have delivered… though in a slightly unusual way. The New 3DS comes with a control nub which acts as a second slide pad as well as adding ZL and ZR buttons, removing the use of the Slide Pad Pro. It also features a new 3D display, not much has been said about it but from the trailer, I am guessing that it increases the viewing angle for the 3D effect.

It is also advertised for being speedier, meaning games will load and download more quickly as well as connect to the internet quickly. They also show that the New 3DS has an NFC Reader/Writer built into the system, allowing you to use the Amiibo figures right out of the box. Finally the rest of the video shows that the 3DS Game slot has been moved to the bottom of the console and that it will come in the original and XL sizes.

What are your thoughts on this new announcement? Personally I do quite enjoy the new features it offers but feel it looks a bit tacky… though I do like how it does look a bit like the very first DS!

Leon Fletcher

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