Over a week ago we showed you an image of supposedly unused graphics for cups in Mario Kart 8. It turns out that these may not be unused after all, instead they could just be dormant. Earlier today, the Nintendo UK Store listed two Digital Download Packs for Mario Kart 8 to pre-order (Pack 1Pack 2). These packs include 6 new characters, 8 new vehicles and 16 new courses! What is very interesting, is the fact that only 3 characters are from the Mario Universe, the other three are special cross-over guests from two franchises.

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There are two packs which contain an equal amount of content.

Pack 1 includes:

  • 3 new characters: Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach and Link
  • 4 new vehicles
  • 8 new courses
  • Release date: November 2014

Pack 2 includes:

  • 3 new characters: Villager, Isabelle and Dry Bowser
  • 4 new vehicles
  • 8 new course
  • Release date: May 2015

Both packs are available for pre-order for £7 a piece, plus, if you purchase both packs (or a future bundle pack) you can instantly use eight different coloured Yoshis and eight different coloured Shy Guys.

This is big for the franchise as it is the first time new courses and characters have been available through DLC in a Mario Kart game. Are you excited about this news? We sure are!

Leon Fletcher

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