We all know that Mario Kart 8 has some free DLC to be released later this month, but could it be possible that we will be seeing some more DLC in the form of new cups and tracks? A pair of hackers from JOE [Jolly Old England] have allegedly found some ‘unused’ graphics for cups hidden within the coding of the game!


Now, I would only take this with a grain of salt as this could simply be a mock up, or it could just be that these graphics were going to be used in place of the current cups we have in the final version. If this were to be a sign of new tracks becoming available through DLC, what would you want these tracks to be based on? Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing some more based of Super Mario Sunshine.

Speaking of Mario Sunshine, doesn’t the second graphic remind you of the battle modes, Shine Runners and Shine Thief, from Mario Kart DS and Double Dash respectively? I wouldn’t mind seeing a return of those modes, in fact, it would be a very welcome addition to Mario Kart 8!

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Leon Fletcher

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