For those of you who haven’t heard, LoboCast is a series of Podcasts created by the wonderful people from LeftHanded Games, who are currently responsible for the upcoming 3D platformer Lobodestroyo, which will be releasing on the Nintendo Wii U… as well as some other consoles including the Ouya and PC/Mac. Check out the first episode here!

The third episode is now live with the usual duo [Jamie Demaray? Neal Guy?], plus a special guest, one of the talented artists, Ruth Ellingson. There are plenty of interesting topics discussed, such as what Kickstarter projects the dev team are supporting, more Q and A, some exciting cameo info and much more! Speaking about cameos, there’s a special cameo from a certain someone included in this episode of LoboCast…

Lobocast 3: Pigs and Whales and Karts (Ohh Myyy)!

Like the last episode, the game is family friendly, the podcast… not so much! Enjoy!

Leon Fletcher

I am a huge Nintendo fan, hence why NintyBuzz exists. I especially love all things Zelda and Metroid. NintyBuzz was started by me back in the Summer of 2014, it started out mainly as a hobby, though the site has gradually grown, and I hope it grows for many years to come!