Damn, I’ve missed another day of SmashShots… oh well, more for today!

For the past year, Smash Bros. Director, Masahiro Sakurai, has been showing off Smash Bros. glory by uploading a screenshot from the upcoming instalments for 3DS and Wii U nearly every day on Miiverse… that’s a whole lot of content for your eyeballs! Let’s start with yesterday’s which was a stage announcement!



And here’s Sakurai’s comment…


Reshiram appears on one of the stages in the 3DS version! Zekrom and Milotic will appear, too. It’s close enough to the launch date, so I don’t have to describe this stage to you, right? The design of this stage is based off of the surroundings of someone’s castle.

Wasn’t Reshiram an on-again off-again troll-ish person from 3DS Buzz Forums? [he’s cool now though, so don’t worry] I never really got into Pokémon much [yes, I know, shame on me] but I can assume that when there’s Pokémon appearing on a specific stage, it has to be a Pokémon based stage right? After a bit of research, several fans speculate it is based off of N’s Castle from Black and White… though, personally, it reminds me more of a mansion from Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon!

And here is today’s SmashShots… yes, I used the ‘s’ plural inflection.


What’s up with this bomb? This looks like the stadium for the Home-run Contest, but there’s no bat. Once you touch the bomb, it begins to count down. Give it enough damage and launch it at the right time…then once the bomb’s countdown hits zero…!!

Yes, it does look very much like the Home-Run Contest stadium, but don’t worry, this won’t be replacing it, though it does seem like an interesting variation. Nothing is better smashing a huge bomb to pieces before it blows up… which leads onto the next SmashShot which may be borrowing a theme from another classic mode!


…It goes BOOOOOM! Not only will the blast destroy targets, but it’ll also cause a chain reaction by using shattered walls and bomb blocks–all of which contributes to you getting a high score!! This is a new activity that combines the concepts of Target Smash and the Home-run Contest–it’s called Target Blast! Your final score is the total you rack up over two rounds. Of course, your Target Blast scores contribute to your Global Smash Power, too.

Yes, Smash the Target, which debuted in Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 64, makes a triumphant return… or at least to a certain extent. It seems the point of the game is to smash the bomb towards the targets in an attempt to create a chain reaction, destroying as many targets as you can… Nintendo’s version of Angry Birds anyone? The scores from this mode will also be transferred to your Global Smash Power, the online ranking system for Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U!

Super Smash Bros. is set to be released for 3DS on the 13th September 2014 in Japan, 3rd October 2014 in Europe and North America, and a day later in Australia. The Wii U version is set to be released during Q4 2014.

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