For the past year, Smash Bros. Director, Masahiro Sakurai, has been showing off Smash Bros. glory by uploading a screenshot from the upcoming instalments for 3DS and Wii U nearly every day on Miiverse… that’s a whole lot of content for your eyeballs! Yet another look at the newly announced characters from Monday takes the spotlight in todays pic!


Here’s what Sakurai said…

The Levin sword and tomes are Robin’s life lines. The Levin sword can be activated by using smash attacks–you can even activate these moves in midair! However, just like in the original game, the Levin sword can be used only a limited number of times before it breaks, at which point it takes some time to regenerate. When the Levin sword is unavailable, Robin fights using the bronze sword.

It seems that Robin will be borrowing some game mechanics from Fire Emblem Awakening. You can use this Levin sword for stronger attacks, though player beware as it only takes so many hits before it crumbles up into oblivion… but luckily it can be regenerated after some time to use again in battle. There’s another pic today too!


The way Robin launches Arcfire is kind of crazy—he or she calls down a bolt of flame from above, then launches a pillar of fire! By the way, Robin’s tome changes with each special attack.

This one focuses on another one of his/her moves. Do these fighter have the power of the Gods or something as these are crazy as @#$&! Seriously! Other than that, we can see yet another example of the detail being put into the game as Robin’s tomes will change colours depending on what attack is being executed! Hopefully tomorrow should see a picture which hasn’t to do with the Fire Emblem representatives as, personally, Nintendo have been a bit of an overkill with Fire Emblem in Smash Bros. recently [haha].

Super Smash Bros. is set to be released for 3DS on the 13th September 2014 in Japan, 3rd October 2014 in Europe and North America, and a day later in Australia. The Wii U version is set to be released during Q4 2014.

Leon Fletcher

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