For the past year, Smash Bros. Director, Masahiro Sakurai, has been showing off Smash Bros. glory by uploading a screenshot from the upcoming instalments for 3DS and Wii U nearly every day on Miiverse… that’s a whole lot of content for your eyeballs! Today focuses, once again, on yesterday reveal and is a host of ‘My Sword Is Bigger Than Yours!’.

SmashShot 15/7/14

Here’s what Sakurai had to say on the matter…

Along with Robin, Lucina joins the battle!! Her physical ablilites are identical to Marth’s–it must be in her D.N.A. However, where Marth’s power is concentrated in the tip of the sword, Lucina’s attack strength is balanced throughout the weapon, which might make her easier to control. She’s also a little bit shorter than Marth.

So it seems that Lucina takes off after her ancestor as her move set is nearly identical to Marth’s, though where Marth’s power come from the tip of the sword, Lucina’s power is spread throughout the sword. Sakurai also mentions she is shorter than Marth. Though this may seem like simple teasing, this could mean that she is quicker on her feet.

But wait! That’s not all, as today isn’t a single feature, nor a double feature… it’s a triple feature today!


With the Wii Fit Trainers, the male and female Robins, the Villagers, and Little Mac, varying their appearances and voices works just like selecting alternate color variations. However, whenever there is even a small difference in abilities, that character gets an actual roster slot. That is why you can select Lucina individually.

Ii looks like we have a bit of a battle of the sexes here… also, an explanation on why Lucina receives her own roster slot when other Male/Female versions of fighters just count as alternate costumes.


By the way…there’s probably no chance you’ll be able to see this in the game, but Lucina has the mark of Naga in her left eye.

This one just demonstrates how much detail has gone into each and every character model within the new Smash Bros. games.

Super Smash Bros. is set to be released for 3DS on the 13th September 2014 in Japan, 3rd October 2014 in Europe and North America, and a day later in Australia. The Wii U version is set to be released during Q4 2014.

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