If you loved Skyward Sword’s epic tale of the beginnings of Link and Ganon’s amniosity, then beware – Legend of Zelda series director Eiji Aonuma is a man on a mission… to create a game without a story.

OK, so you don’t need to worry too much – he doesn’t want it to have no story as such. Speaking with MTV, he described his goal for the plotline of a game to be 100% user driven:

What I really, really want to create, what my ultimate hope or goal is, to create a game without a story – not to say that the story is nonexistent, but it’s a story that isn’t already created. It’s a story that the player, in interacting with the space or environment, creates. So, a story that is defined by the player, not one that is already prepared, and a game that just kind of follows that path, if that makes sense.

As someone who has just in the past hour seen the credits roll on the epic tale of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, I can’t say the idea particularly speaks to me. Mind you, if he can truly pull it off and create the same kind of emotion that a well written tale does, that would be quite something to behold. What do you think – should the tale a game tells be different to all that play it?