Amiibos are these cute little figures based on Nintendo’s famous characters. They aren’t any regular figure though. Each one has a little NFC chip built inside which communicates with the Wii U GamePad that reads and writes data for the chip, enhancing your experience within compatible games.

Amiibo Display

Unlike the Skylanders series, Nintendo has stated that the figures are not required to progress through game, however like Skylanders, there may be a hefty price-tag attached to the figures after all. UK retailer, ShopTo, have recently listed the Amiibo figures for preorder with a price of £12.85 per pop. Yes, you heard me right, £12.85 per figure! If this deems to be true than I would guess that the retail value in North America would be somewhere between $15 and $20. Though the price may seem steep, I would recommend to take this listing with a grain of salt as there has been no official word from Nintendo at this point. If this is the actual price though, I would expect sets of three figures (or more) would be sold at a discounted price.

While we are on the subject, another interesting titbit worth mentioning is the fact that the retailer lists two versions of each figure, one being for Wii U and another for 3DS, though this could be a mistake… or a way to shift more stock to the determined gamer.

What do you think of this price? Do you think it’s too steep? Or are they too awesome to not buy?

Leon Fletcher

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