REVIEW – Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp

Way back in 2001, a classic Intelligent Systems franchise made its western debut on the Game Boy Advance in the form of Advance Wars. Whilst most known for their Fire Emblem series, the “Wars” games had numerous Japan exclusive releases on the Famicom and Game Boy lines of systems and it was deemed worth releasing in the west. This was clearly successful, as every game afterwards got a western release too, particularly the second Advance title; Black Hole Rising. Both of these GBA offerings have now been remade by WarForward in a dual-package. Will these games lead themselves to victory, or will they fall on their own battlefield?


Long time fan of Nintendo and games in general, I always lean on the quirkier and unique sides of things in particular. It all started when I was lucky enough to get a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Yellow for my tenth birthday and it’s been going strong ever since. I’ve always had a need to get my voice heard and share anything I find interesting with the world.

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Treehouse Live July 2020

Later today, at 6pm BST to be exact, Nintendo will be hosting a brand new Treehouse Live Event. During the live presentation, Nintendo will be showcasing some brand new gameplay from Paper Mario: The Origami King a week before it launches on Nintendo Switch. This will then be followed by a reveal and gameplay from a brand new third party title developed by WayForward from an IP never worked on before by the developer.

Be sure to check out the live stream below, and check out our summary soon after.

Leon Fletcher

I am a huge Nintendo fan, hence why NintyBuzz exists. I especially love all things Zelda and Metroid. NintyBuzz was started by me back in the Summer of 2014, it started out mainly as a hobby, though the site has gradually grown, and I hope it grows for many years to come!

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