Ella Eyre and Nintendo Presents… My Life in 3DS

Nintendo have been digging through the entertainment pool once again to help market the Nintendo 3DS to a wider audience. In the past, they have teamed up with people and groups such as Beyoncé, Penélope Cruz, and The Vamps. More recently however, they have teamed up with someone a bit different. Ella Eyre (real name Ella McMahon) is a British born musician, and she is a new ambassador for the Nintendo 3DS family.

Ella Eyre is mostly known for working in genres like R&B, Pop, and Neo Soul (think Soul with an essence of Drum and Bass). She has won several prestigious awards like the BRIT Award for Single of 2014, and the MOBO (Music Of Black Origin) for Best Female Artist of 2015. Ella Eyre loves playing games which allow her to use her creativity and express her unique personality, more specifically, she loves Tomodachi Life. Because of this, she is teaming up with Nintendo in a new campaign where she gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at her life, and with her friends and family explains the important role that gaming plays for her.

Check out the full release after the break, which include some more information about the campaign!


Leon Fletcher

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