Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Limited Edition UK Preorder now Live, comes with exclusive Steelbook

UPDATE 3 If you order from Smyths’ online store, you can get the Limited Edition for £5 cheaper. If you go in store, you can get it £10 cheaper.

UPDATE 2 GAME now has the Limited Edition available for preorder here.

UPDATE Only lasted a couple days, which is longer than expected, but fear not, Amazon UK now has you covered, plus they ship to the UK too! Preorder here. Note that this lacks the steelbook offered by Nintendo UK

Soon after the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct Wednesday, Nintendo UK announced the Limited Edition bundle. This limited edition comes bundled with the Super smash Bros. Ultimate game, a GameCube Controller Adaptor, and a Smash Bros. GameCube controller, would be available to purchase.

Not only has the Nintendo UK Store launched preorders for the bundle, but the listing also states that the bundle comes with a limited edition steelbook too. The limited edition bundle can be preordered from the Nintendo UK Store here! If you just want the game and the steelbook, you can preorder that here! Grab them while they are in stock.

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Nintendo of America Receiving Majora’s Mask 3D Limited Edition

Those of you who have been down because they are not getting a Limited Edition pack for Majora’s Mask 3D can finally rejoice as Nintendo of America has just announced one, and it’s a bit different to the European one.

Instead of getting a steelbook, a pin and a poster, those who order the US Limited Edition pack will receive a figurine of the Skull Kid character. Personally, now I am a bit jealous of the American Limited Edition pack!

Check out the entire announcement after the break!


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