Head to the Soarin’ 50s in new Fortnite Update

Fortnite is the game that just keeps on giving. The battle royale title has been updated to 5.21, adding two new LTMs and even a new sniper weapon.

The new legendary and epic weapon, the Heavy Sniper, has been added to the growing range of Fortnite weaponry. The heavy sniper takes a while to reload, but surely this should give you enough time to gloat with the devastating blow you just dealt… assuming you are unlike me and actually hit someone with a sniper. The heavy sniper can deal 150/157 damage to someone, which could easily deal a one hit KO to an unsuspecting victim.

The first new LTM (Limited Time Mode for those who are unaware) is actually a revamped version of a recently retired mode, 50 vs 50. This version emphasises on mobility, which has led to the ability to deploy your glider mid-match… assuming you are more than 10m in the air of course. Maybe this will save you from a falling death this time.

The second LTM is the return of the Sniper Shootout mode. For those who do not know, this mode is played entirely using sniper… basically, I would be horrible at it. The only change this time is that the scoped assault rifle has been replaced in favour for the heavy sniper.

As usual, you can find all those juicy patch notes after the break!

Leon Fletcher

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