Tournament – Summer Splatathon Returns in 2017!

Just extended sign up deadline to Friday 1st September 2017!

Splatoon 2 just got released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, and already it’s getting kraken reviews, especially from those awesome guys from NintyBuzz! It’s also been a whole year (and a couple days) since we started the first [the 3DS Buzz one was a pilot] ever Summer Splatathon Supreme Tournament. Wouldn’t you say now would be a good time to have another Splatathon?

Yup, that’s right! The Summer Splatathon is back for 2017, but this time we’ll be competing on Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch. Registration is open now, just comment below or, preferably, reply to this thread (click here). That’s not all. You can also win £50 of eShop credit (or your country’s equivalent) if you’re the top squid, kid!

Check out the details after the break!


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Summer Splat-athon – Quarter-Final Results

Greetings cephalopods and humanoid creatures of the world! As you may or may not know (you better know bub) we’ve been hosting the August Splat-athon supreme over at 3DS Buzz. Well, we’ve just had an exhilarating quarter-finals, even Judd was impressed, and not even Cat-fish Supreme Wednesdays impress him any more!

The quarter finals were played by two teams, as we had an odd number of squid kids, one team had four players whereas the other had three. The teams battled against each other in two rounds of Turf Wars, the players with the lowest scores were then shooed away from the tourney with a large bottle of Seaman’s Soy Sauce! Two players from the team of four and one from the team of three were eliminated.

The results are now in and from Team Splat, Pepe and Lis4Real25 will be going to the semi-finals, and from Team Toon, Cadjr2003 and Homer Fanboy will also be progressing forwards!



Congratulations to those who played the best and see you in the Semis, and until next time…


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TOURNEY – Summer Splat-athon Supreme

What’s this? Yet another tournament? It seems like August is the month of tourneys, and what’s better than to compete in style and ink with Splatoon. A couple months ago, I announced this tournament (which isn’t technically a NintyBuzz one) but now I can officially announce when the tourney will start.

I plan to start the tournament on Wednesday, 12th August 2015. Please note that this is the start date, different battles may take place on different days up to the end of August. I can also announce that the winner of the tournament will also receive a free Amiibo of their choice as well as boasting rights. The deadline to register for the tournament will be Friday 7th August 2015 at 6pm BST.

Please click here to sign up for the tournament (you will need to create a free account at 3DS Buzz first).

Happy Splatting!

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TOURNEY – NintyBuzz August Smash

Today, Tourney Mode was finally added to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and we’ve decided to celebrate the occasion by bringing you a month long tournament of Smash! That’s not all, if you end up receiving the most wins by the time the tournament finishes, then you will also receive a brand new Amiibo of your choice!

Find out more after the break!


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