Today, video game publisher Numskull Games will be introducing the first of a new video showcase series: Numskull Presents. During this nine-minute event, the publisher will showcase their current line-up of previously announced games for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 for the Q3 season. Though there will be no new reveals, it’s possible that Numskull will use the format to unveil new titles in the future.

In addition to the game news, there will also be an opportunity to win a Nintendo Switch Lite as well as a digital Numskull published game of your choice. The presentation will go live at 7pm BST on their YouTube channel, and we will be posting a summary of the event soon after.

Numskull Games’ PR and community Manager, Neil Flynn, had this to say:

I think people will really be surprised to see the games that we have coming to various platforms this year. While many of our top fans have seen these games before there will be others in the community who will be seeing some of these games for the first time so I am glad that we will be able to bring this entertaining and informative format to showcase some of the games that we have coming in 2020.

Leon Fletcher

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