In a surprise announcement this week, Nintendo unveiled the final major content update for Super Mario Maker 2! It went live today, giving creators and players several new excuses to fire up the creative platformer once again!

Make the jump to refresh yourself on what all has been added to the game in the 3.0 update!

World Maker is a game-changer. More than that, it’s a game-creator! This new mode will allow players to organize their levels into worlds, up to eight of them to be exact! Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 popularized the eight-world concept, and now, anyone who owns Super Mario Maker 2 can create a game of similar length. That’s a maximum of 40 levels per person, or five levels per world.

That’s a great number because the stylized Super Mario World aesthetic for our own world maps sport the same eight level themes we’ve come to know: grass, underground, castle, sky, desert, forest, snow and outer space. I’ve already got plans to create one level per game style in each world as well. World Maker looks like it’ll be a great excuse to go back and explore almost everything the Mario Maker franchise has had to offer in the past five years.

The newly released World Maker aspect of Super Mario Maker 2 will keep the community strong for longer than we expected.

World Maker isn’t the only addition to the game in the 3.0 update that went live today. Each game style is getting at least one new power-up to experiment with too!

Mario’s New Duds

Instead of getting a Super Mario Bros. 2 extra gameplay style, we’ll be able to tinker around with most of that classic sequel’s mechanics by using the SMB2 mushroom in the Super Mario Bros. style. The power-up turns the Mario, Luigi and Toad sprites into their SMB2 counterparts and also allows them to ride on enemies and pluck them like the worthless turnips they are! I mean, shy guys aren’t in the game, but at least we can now pretend!

The Super Mario Bros. 3 style becomes more complete with the Frog Suit. Like in the original 1990 game, Mario will be able to hop around on land and swim with more precision underwater, but an added functionality will let the player run on water as seen in the trailer above. Super Mario World also gets one of its original power-ups back; this time, it looks like the P-Balloon has more maneuverability than it did in the SNES launch title. The Super Acorn / Flying Squirrel transformation also returns in the New Super Mario Bros. U style.

3D World Love

As far as gameplay styles are concerned, Super Mario 3D World is appropriately getting the most love this time around. Not only is it getting the boomerang flower back that first originated in Super Mario 3D Land, but this update also brings five wearable accessories that Mario can cover his head with.

The cannon box, propeller box and red POW box all work as expected, being able to shoot projectiles, fly upward and smash surrounding debris up to three times respectively. The Goomba mask will make infiltrating and impersonating enemy hoards a cinch, and the Bullet Bill mask offers control over the speedy bullet’s typical movement — an idea that reminds me of capturing them in Super Mario Odyssey.

A few other obstacles and enemies were also added to Super Mario Maker 2, so we suggest watching the above trailer to learn about them all. The seven Koopalings (Iggy, Morton Jr. Lemmy, Ludwig, Roy, Wendy O. and Larry) are also new to the Mario Maker sphere, and it always makes me happy to see their creative designs and personalities pop up anywhere they can. All their boss fights seem quite different, so try using them across the four original gameplay styles and setting them as bosses in whatever Mario game you decide to make!

Even in its original state, we adored Super Mario Maker 2. This final major update looks like it’ll make many of us return to our personal Mushroom Kingdoms all over again. We’re looking forward to seeing your creations! Yahoo!

Eric Zavinski

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