Though Halloween is long gone, the Last Resort hotel still has some tricks up their dungarees. As part of the Luigi’s Mansion 3 DLC schedule, Nintendo has just dropped the first pack today.

The DLC pack adds three new costumes to allow Luigi to really get into character: Mummigi, The Green Knight, and Groovigi. While scaling the ScareScraper, you may find yourself in matching environments if someone from your party is wearing one of the special costumes, regardless if others have the DLC installed or not. Did we mention each environment also adds a couple brand new uniquely styled ghosts?

The DLC pack also introduces three new ScreamPark games. Take dodgeball to the next level with the Poltergust G-00 in DodgeBrawl, collect coins in a rubber ducky while dodging logs in River Bank, and capture some ghosts with a ‘shocking’ twist in Tricky Ghost hunt. Want a bit of practive in the ScreamPark?

Haven’t purchased the DLC bundle yet? Never fear, there’s also a brand new update that adds a few other thrilling little features. You can now take on the ScreamPark alone without any opponents in practice mode, tackle a 20-floor ScareScraper, experience five new types of rare ghost in ScareScraper, and even listen to some music from the game in the newly added album.

All of the above is available now, and the DLC can be purchased as part of the DLC bundle for £8.99. Pack 2 will launch some time during the Summer.

Leon Fletcher

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