Want a comprehensive recap of the recent Nindies showcase? Here’s the full run down.

Described as a ‘Part 2’ to follow the announcements from Gamescom, this Nindies showcase ran down 22 games heading to the Nintendo Switch in the coming months. Ranging from this week to early next year, here’s a full list of what’s to come ascending by release date with any new trailers:

After a short reel of quick announcements, a channel for the Switch’s News app – simply called the Indie Channel – was announced. A similar channel (Indie World) already exists for Japan, so it’s great to see a Western version.

‘We have one more announcement before we go’ is the phrase that whet the appetites of many Smash fans watching live towards the end of the showcase. But in fact, popular indie title Into the Breach was announced for the Switch, with the exciting twist being that it launched right after the showcase ended.

You can watch the showcase in full right here!