Following the very questionable behaviour from EVO last night, from both spectators and a specific player, Nintendo soon got the hype rolling again by announcing a brand new Nintendo Direct, one which will focus purely on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, for those who haven’t had enough smash in their lives yet. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct will air this Wednesday 8th August 2018 at 3pm BST (please look below for more timezones). We will have an embed available on Wednesday before it airs!

What will this Direct entail? Who knows, all we know is that it will focus primarily on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. If it’s anything like the Smash Wii U Direct, hopefully we may hear a couple new character reveals (remember new characters will be at a minimum according to Sakurai), and possible some info on the other modes that we get to delve into in December. Though it may not happen, it would make a lot of sense to reveal some more information on the Nintendo Switch Online service which is supposed to go live next month.

What do you hope to see in this Direct? Any characters you hope will join the roster which isn’t Waluigi? Tell us in the comments below! If you want more Smash Bros. action to keep you occupied, be sure to check out our sneak preview of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from last week!

Leon Fletcher

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