Thanks to the recent European Spring Sale on the Nintendo eShop, I recently started getting into Rocket League, and it looks like now is the perfect time to join the party. Rocket League’s upcoming Tournament Update is launching next week, across all supported consoles, including the Nintendo Switch.

On the 3rd April 2018, Rocket League will be adding a brand new mode, Tournament Mode. With this mode, you will be able to easily create your own tournaments as well as join them. You can also set specific rules and restrictions, such as the Game Mode and Rank Levels.

The update will be including a bunch of other new features too. These include the ability to more easily sort through your Garage inventory, equipping specific car body parts to orange and blue, and in-game quality status indicators.

If you’re like me and own Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch, the update will include even more features. Wish you had a way to quickly capture and upload a sweet goal or an evil demolition? The new update will now allow you to take 30 second video captures with the JoyCon capture buttons. Additionally, if you appreciate some more detailed graphics, the update will also allow you to ‘Switch’ between Performance and Quality modes.

As it currently stands, the current default is Performance mode which runs at a steady 60FPS with a bit of a sacrifice from the graphics. If you do not mind 30FPS, then you can switch to Quality mode which will lock the resolution at 1920×1080 (docked) or 1280×720 (handheld).

The Tournament Update will go live for Rocket League on Tuesday 3rd April 2018.

Source – Psyonix

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