Yesterday saw the first full length Nintendo Direct of 2018, and it certainly raised the bar somewhat for E3. It was an absolutely incredible Direct and if you didn’t get the chance to watch it, then we have you covered with a written overview of all that was announced!

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Nintendo game designer veteran, Yoshiaki Koizumi, introduces himself as your Nintendo Direct guide this evening and instantly sets us off with some Nintendo 3DS headliners.

Wario’s Golden Microgames

It’s been a long while since we’ve delved into the zany minigames with Wario in WarioWare. The last entry in the series, Game & Wario was released five years ago for Wii U in 2013. The garlic loving maniac is back again, this time for the Nintendo 3DS in WarioWare Gold.

Nintendo promises that WarioWare Gold will be the biggest WarioWare yet with more than 300 microgames included, both new and old. Many of the game will also make use of features in the 3DS hardware such as the touch screen and gyroscope.

WarioWare Gold will release exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS Family Systems on the 27th July 2018.

Western Tower Defence Action

This rolling Western is finally coming to the West in Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers! Advertised as tower-defence meets action, as you play as the titular Dillon and an animalised version of your Miis to defend frontier villages. Your friends’ Miis can also join in the fight as extra gunners.

Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers will be rolling exclusively onto the Nintendo 3DS Family Systems on the 25th May 2018, with a demo releasing on the 10th May.

The Inside Story

After the Superstar Saga remake that launched last year, Mario & Luigi are seeing yet another remake in Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr’s Story on 3DS. This action RPG also comes with an extra mode, Bowser Jr’s Journey. This story is all about Bowser Jr. and what he has been getting upto during Bowser’s adventure.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr’s Journey is set to release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS Family Systems in 2019.

A Detective’s Scoop

The release of Detective Pikachu has been reiterated. Join Pikachu and Tim to solve the case of why Pokémon are acting so weird in Rime City. Oh, don’t forget to check out that giant Detective Pikachu Amiibo either!

Detective Pikachu will sleuthing exclusively to the Nintendo 3DS Family Systems on the 23rd March 2018. The game is available to pre-purchase on the Nintendo eShop now.

A Spoopy Mansion Appears in a new Dimension

Unfortunately my favourite board game, Betrayal at House on the Hill, isn’t coming to 3DS, but hey, it’s the next best thing. If you’ve played Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, why not explore the origin of Luigi’s ghost-busting days and how he got acquainted with Professor E. Gadd in the remake of Luigi’s Mansion for Nintendo 3DS.

Did you easily get lost in the original game on GameCube? Never fear as the map now has a new home on the touch screen. Additionally, if you really want to test Luigi’s mettle, why not participate in the Boss Rush mode to see how quickly you can defeat bosses from your previous battles.

Luigi’s Mansion will haunt its way to the Nintendo 3DS Family Systems later in 2018.

That is it for the 3DS headliners for now as we go onto the Nintendo Switch!

How to Make New Friends, feat. Kirby

Kirby’s brand new adventure for Nintendo Switch launches in just a week’s tie with Kirby’s Star Allies. Dream Land needs saving once again, but this time you can combine forces with upto three other friends, you can also make friendly with previous villains such as King Dedede and Meta Knight.

Even more characters will be added in the future in free updates, such as Marx from Kirby’s Fun Pack, and Gooey from Kirby’s Dream Land 3.

Kirby’s Star Allies will find you friends exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on the 16th March 2018. A free demo is available for download now.

Wolf with a Brush

Okami has once again been resurrected in Okami HD for Nintendo Switch. Team up with Issun to save the land from a terrible curse. Swish the JoyCon in the air to don the Celestial Brush to create wondrous miracles. Playing in portable mode? Then why not perform some artistic brush strokes on the touch screen instead.

Okami HD will brush its way to the Nintendo Switch during Summer 2018.

I Love Sushi

Sushi Strikers: The Way of Sushido has one huge problem… SUSHI HAS BEEN BANNED! It’s up to you to eat lots and lots of sushi from conveyer belts and then throw your plates at your opponents in order to overthrow the empire. Did we mention there will also be head to head multiplayer?

Sushi Strikers: The Way of Sushido will nom its way simultaneously on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS Family Systems on the 8th June 2018.

The Travellers

There has been some brand new information released by Square Enix for their upcoming Octopath Traveller. This 2D RPG recently had a demo period where more than 45,000 players took part. Because of this, Square Enix was able to work on some user feedback of the demo to implement some requested improvements such as an enhanced movement speed.

That’s not all, the developer also revealed two more characters from the game, a merchant who is able to acquire new items from other people in the game world, Tressa, and an apothecary who has the ability to gain more information in dialogue trees through inquiries, Alfyn. Finally, a special edition version of the game was announced which will come packed with a pop-up art book, a “sound selection CD”, and a replica coin based on the in-game currency.

Octopath Traveller with release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on the 13th July 2018.

No Heroes Here

Travis Touchdown is back again, but this time he’s invaded several video games, a lá Wreck-It Ralph, in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. Hack your way through seven different games, like a racer and a puzzler, to destroy each and every bug, then overpower a menacing boss at the end of each game. Hand a JoyCon to a friend will allow the both of you to work together through your adventure.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes releases exclusively for the Nintendo Switch later in 2018.

The Darkest Amiibo

In January, we learnt that Dark Souls: Remastered will be crawling its way to the Nintendo Switch. Now we get to see more horrifying gameplay from this Nintendo Direct. Not only that, but a new Amiibo has been revealed… the Solaire of Astora. Want to try out the game before release? Be sure to stay tuned for the Dark Souls Network Test.

Dark Souls: Remastered will release on the Nintendo Switch on the 25th May 2018.

Aced It

New gameplay details have finally been revealed for Mario’s next visit to the courts in Mario Tennis Aces. The title includes a cast of more than 15 playable characters from old time stars like Mario and Luigi, to Mario Tennis newbies like Chain Chomp!

Nintendo focused mainly on the new mechanics of tennis play in this presentation. Mario Tennis Aces includes all the old basic moves you love, but now comes with some over the top actions that are sure to liven up any tennis match. In Zone Shot, when you have filled up your energy gauge, you can then go into slo-mo and precisely aim your next shot, if your opponent doesn’t block in time, there is a chance that their racket could break and instantly loose the point.

You can also use your energy gauge to use Zone Speed. This allows you to enter slo-mo to easily catch up to a Zone Shot or any other tricky shot for that matter. This aims to help balance out when a Zone Shot is used. If you really want to turn the tables, fill up your energy gauge completely to use a special shot, it may even destroy your opponent’s racket in one hit, a much higher chance than if you used a Zone shot. These can still be blocked however, so don’t go using them willy nilly!

Any tennis purists out there can sigh a breath of relief as it was also announced that you can choose to play matches with the extra moves turned off, good for when you want to test the ultimate skill at tennis. If you want a different way to play, you can also don a singular JoyCon and swing it like an actual racket, similar to the Mario Power Tennis remake for the Wii. It also looks like some of the more party modes will be making a return too, but that will have to wait for another day.

If you really want to put your tennis skills to the test, why not try out the regular tournaments online where you could win new outfits or even new playable characters. Additionally, right before the game launches, a special online 1-on-1 tournament will take place, allowing you to try out the game before release.

Mario Tennis Aces rally exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on the 22nd June 2018.

Return of the Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad is back once again, this time for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Originally released for the Nintendo Wii U, Treasure Tracker followed the adventure of Captain Toad and Toadette as they explore every nook and cranny of the world to discover bountiful treasures. This remake for 3DS and Switch also comes with brand new levels inspired by the kingdoms of Super Mario Odyssey.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker releases simultaneously for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS Family Systems on the 13th July 2018.


Undertale will be released on the Nintendo Switch… eventually.

Time to get N’Sane

That crazy bandicoot is crashing his way onto a Nintendo home console for the first time in Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch. Each of the original three games have been beautifully remastered into HD in this zany collection.

Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy crashes onto Nintendo Switch from the 10th July 2018

Nightmares Aren’t Real… Mostly

The puzzles aren’t the only nightmares in Little Nightmares Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch. Travel through a world full of your worst nightmares in this charming and unique platformer and solve challenging puzzles in order to escape. All previous DLC is also included for the Nintendo Switch, including The Kid’s Story. Additionally, tap the PacMan Amiibo for a neat little costume.

Little Nightmares Complete Edition scares its way to Nintendo Switch on the 18th May 2018.

The Colorado Kids

The boys of South Park have found their way onto Switch with their recent RPG release, South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Come on down to South Park and join in this obscenely offensive yet hilarious RPG adventure with your very own super hero team. All previous DLC will be available to purchase at launch with the third one being released afterwards. Alternatively, you can purchase the Season Pass to receive all DLC when available.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole poots it’s way onto Switch on the 24th April 2018.

Warriors of Hyrule

The second port of the Wii U hack and slash, Hyrule Warriors is finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch. When, I hear you ask?

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition will be hacking its way to the Nintendo Switch on the 18th May.

They’re Armless

Haven’t jumped onto the springy action of ARMS for the Nintendo Switch yet? A brand new Global Testpunch will be taking place from the 31st March 2018 for three days to give ARMS a try.

This News is Tenta-cool

Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch is receiving it’s next flagship update very soon. v3.0 will be introducing over 100 pieces of new gear will become available, even more stages will be added to rotation, and Rank X will also be introduced which proceeds Rank S+.

That’s not all, later in the year, Splatoon 2 will be receiving the Octo Expansion, a hefty new single player mode. This paid DLC will open up a brand new world as you play as an Octoling, Agent 8, who has lost their memory. Travel across 80 testing facilities to uncover more story of the Splatoon world. If you manage to escape, you can then play as an Octoling in online multiplayer too.

The v3.0 update will be swimming to Nintendo Switch in late April 2018.
Octo Expansion will be available to purchase during the Summer of 2018

A Smashing Finale

Nintendo have one more trick up their sleeves. At first, it looks like a tease for some Splatoon content… however all goes stark. Orange Squid Kid turns around and gazes above… it’s the Super Smash Bros. emblem!

Yes, the Nintendo Switch will be receiving its very own Super Smash Bros. game, and best of all, it looks like it will be releasing in the console’s second year. There’s even a chance that this is a brand new Smash game rather than a port. All we do know is that Smash is coming, and the Inklings will be added to the fighter roster.

Super Smash Bros. will be smashing its way onto the Nintendo Switch later in 2018!

And with that, the announcements are finally over… for now. It honestly felt like a mini E3, in fact, it was better than some previous E3s (I’m looking at you 2008!) Either way, both me and Sam (you may know his as Kooper from the forums) were hyped out by the end!

So what was your favourite announcement of the Direct? Tell us in the comments below.


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