Last week I had the amazing opportunity to be invited to a special hands-on preview event for Super Mario Odyssey. Not only did I get to play the game (for about three hours) but the majority of the content I played and recorded is all brand new!

If reading is more your thing, we got you covered! Check out a written preview after the break, as well as a chance to ask some questions before the game releases next month!

I start off gaining my ground in the very creepy homeworld of Cappy, Bonneton, in the Cap Kingdom. Here I learnt all my basic moves and even performed my first capture. It looks as if a certain groom really did a number on this place, I mean, who really advertises a wedding with posters… at least spread them out a bit! Nothing Mario and Cappy can’t handle though.

I then got to indulge myself at the base of Mount Volbono in the Luncheon Kingdom. Sure, this world may seem to have a slightly lower poly count, but maybe I don’t really want to see the reality of the food, it’s already putting me off meat, I don’t want to loose my appetite for veggies too! Along my journey I could capture stacks of Goombas (is that the correct plural?) to reunite a lost love, only to be chased by the Killer Tomatoes of Fungi Forest. What the fork? Peronza Plaza is inhabited by talking forks? FREAKING TALKING FORKS?! What a day to be alive. Oh no! One of my fork buddies have gotten themselves stuck on the side or a perilous tower. It would be such a shame if someone POSSESSED THEM FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT… MWAHAHAHAHA!

Let’s see, who else can I possess? Oh yeah, those hammer bros. with the very swanky hair (so swanky) can be captured too. Why not use their culinary skills to cut the cheese (blocks). This is seriously some deadpan material! Tried eating that pink goop yet? Well don’t, that taffy imposter is actually hot, hot lava. There is a way around it though. Just capture one of those cute little lava bubbles and you’ll be way on your way exploring new delectable delights! Feeling a bit hot under the feathers? Why not give Talkatoo a visit. He may not be the best to keeping to an embargo, but hey at least you’ll get a hint of a Power Moon’s objective from him!

Finally, I got to take a much needed leisurely stroll down the beach at Bubbling of the Seaside Kingdom. Check out the serene sights, enjoy a little dip in the sea, just make sure to kelp away from the meanie seaweed. Oh, did you hear about the screenshot feature announced in the latest Nintendo Direct? This feature is great if you want to send a souvenir postcard to yourself saying “Wish you were here”… *cries*! This kingdom is a tale of two Dories. The resident sea snails have taken advantage of their kind nature and set up their own Crazy Cap franchises there. You can really open a business anywhere nowadays.

We have a tentacool new capture target for you here. These cheeky octopi think they are so smug, squirting you with water. Gain the upper hand by tossing Cappy into harms way and capture them. Now you’re the master of the ocean, air, and land. Hover and propel yourself with water, just be careful you don’t run out of it and become beached.

That’s not the only target you can capture. It wouldn’t be a seaside with a few Cheep Cheeps. You can find them everywhere, even in an eely scary cave. Capture them for easy swimming and unlimited breath… I guess you could say it is breathtaking! After all the action of the day, relax and unwind during sunset or play with a doggo. Throw your cap, and doggo will fetch. It’s worth following her every once in a while too, you just never know what’s hiding under the sand, maybe a pile of coins, a Power Moon, or even a group of Goombas waiting to ambush you! Though doggo isn’t a capturable entity, Glydo will happily take your cap when doggo won’t. With Glydo, you can glide your troubles away, though be warned, though he looks like an amphibian, he doesn’t like water so much so if you touch a drop of it you’ll be booted off his head! Don’t worry, it’s less violent than it sounds.

Got any questions, pop them in the comments below and I’ll try to answer them best I can.

Super Mario Odyssey will be released on the 27th October 2017 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch in Europe and North America.

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