Fittingly, the lengthiest section of the recent Direct was given to Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which is set to be one of the larger and more complex games coming to Switch. This Spotlight explained a bit of context for the game’s story and how the combat works, which has been extracted into its own video you can see here.

The entire thing is voiced over by Azurda the Titan, who is friend and landlord of the protagonist Rex; though Koizumi chips in at the end to announce the beautiful Xenoblade 2 themed Pro Controller and Collector’s Edition including a soundtrack CD, 220 page hardbound art book at metal case.

Azurda introduces Alrest – the world the game takes place in – along with the concept of civilisations living on (or in) Titans. He goes on to break down six of the nations of these Titans, though eight emblems were shown implying there will be several more than those explored in the Direct. After giving overviews of these nations, he gives a brief primer for the plot, which you may consider slight spoilers so watch the video if you’re interested! Overall, it felt similar to how the Xenoforms in Xenoblade X interacted, but with the concept on living on Titans like the original Xenoblade game.

As fans of the series might expect, the combat system is very elaborate and Azurda only covers the basics of how Arts work in this game as well as the difference and relations between Drivers and Blades. But he does introduce the new Blade Resonance system to us, which is seemingly like a random summon for a new Blade.

The game, Collector’s Edition and Pro Controller are all launching on the 1st of December this year!