Hisashi Nogami briefed us this morning with information on free content coming to Splatoon 2 in the near future in the form of a Squid Research lab video. two new maps will be arriving – Manta Marie for Turf War and Ranked Battle, and Lost Outpost for Salmon Run.

The Lost Outpost is releasing in an update tomorrow; Manta Marie is coming on the 26th of August, and a new weapon – the Bubble Blower – is coming as a part of a new set with the Forge Splattershot Pro arriving on 2nd September 2017.

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As you might have guessed, the Bubble Blow blows bubbles. It comes in the shape of a large bubble caster and can fire up to three giant bubbles which explode when hit with your teams ink. Manta Marie is largely based on a ship in dock, and Nogami says tactics will revolve around the ship’s three masts. Whereas the Lost Outpost has many high walls which make communication a key factor to success on this map.

Attendees at Gamescon will get to try out all of this new content for themselves, while fans at home can check out the livestreams coming this week, as well as the official announcement trailer:

Nintendo of Europe’s YouTube channel are streaming Splatoon 2 today at 10:00 GMT and tomorrow at 12:00 GMT