I recently discovered this charming looking game on Kickstarter where you play as a donut trying to eat all the things, while avoiding the watchers, who are also trying to eat all the things (mainly you)! It’s conveniently called ‘Eat All The Things’ and the developers plan to release it for all major platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.

The game follows the adventures of Bronut. He loves food. He loves food so much, he dresses up as a donut. He loves food so much, he’ll just gobble up any food that he can reach, whether or not it belongs to him. Your job is to direct him through bright and vibrant environments and puzzles to fill his tummy up. Be warned though, these snacks belong to the Watchers, and they surely won’t appreciate their delightful desserts being nicked. Get caught in their gaze, and they will alert the ‘evil’ host, you’d better hide if you know what’s good for ya!

Have I whetted your appetite yet? Read more about it after the break!

Do you find that if you eat too much you feel all bloated? Well Bronut will literally become more hefty (as well as move more slowly) the more he gobbles those misplaced treats. This can come to your advantage however as you can use your weight to press down larger switches or even destroy certain obstacles. If you find a way to slim down though, then you’ll also be able to gain access to smaller, more secret areas of the game. Oh, did we mention there’s powerups and more characters too?

Though it is still in its early days, it still looks like a pretty fun concept for a puzzling platformer (with some added stealth to the battery mix). Plus, the main character is dressed as a donut and calls himself Bronut!

The game is being spearheaded by a computer scientist and a graphic designer in Bournemouth. You can find out more information on their Kickstarter page where they have nearly reached half their funding target.

Leon Fletcher

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