The Virtual Console has essentially been a staple for Nintendo consoles since it launched for the Nintendo Wii. Though the launch was delayed for the 3DS and Wii U, we knew it was coming and had some information beforehand. With the Nintendo Switch however, we currently have no idea what’s happening with the Virtual Console other than subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online service will get updated VC games for free.

Yesterday, it seems that Twitter user and Source Gaming editor NantenJex found some listings on Nintendo’s UK site for a handful of GameCube titles. True, it is highly possible that these listings are old entries, the website did exist around the GameCube era, though I find it rather interesting that the fact that none of the listings seem to have solid details. Could this possibly mean the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console will launch with GameCube titles?

Either way, don’t give your hopes up just yet, but hopefully Nintendo will reveal their Nintendo Switch Virtual Console plans very soon.

Leon Fletcher

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