Guess who’s put some content on here that isn’t E3 related! I’m back with a weekly news show that I’ve started on my YouTube channel (go subscribe).

This week’s news discusses Xbox’s new Game Pass, the Nvidia 1080 ti, the newest discovery in the Doom soundtrack, Pokemon GO’s possible future changes, the Switch Launch & Zelda Breath of the Wild, both their issues and the general consensus of their reviews.

Check out the video below and if you have any thoughts on the video feel free to comment and if you like gaming videos then please check out the other videos on my channel (okay I’ll stop plugging it now)



Snowy Duffield

A lifelong gamer, weaned onto it from a young age through the Gameboy and gradually onto other platforms. I am now a mostly PC gamer but my pet franchise remains to be (somewhat appropriately) Pokémon.