Since the full reveal of Nintendo Switch in January, we have been inundated with information, lets plays and general thoughts of the Switch planned software line up from launch through 2018.

Whilst the console is set to host a wide variety of games from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, to smaller titles such as Snipperclips, Puyo Puyo Tetris and Fast RMX, not every game coming to Nintendo’s new console has been given its due time in the spotlight.

Below are just 5 titles you might not have heard of, coming to Nintendo Switch. Check them out, after the break!

1) Hollow Knight

‘Hollow Knight’ / Team Cherry

For better or worse, we’re inundated nowadays with a countless number of 2D Metroidvanias. Very few however, have an art style as eerie and evocative as Hollow Knight. With wonderful animations, and bizarre and diverse creature designs, this is definitely one to keep an eye out for. Due out on Steam on February 24th and Switch shortly after.





‘GoNNER’ / Art in Heart

A very visually appealing, procedurally generated 2D platformer that boasts both shooter and roguelike elements. Not too Downwell in style, GoNNER arms the player with various weapons as you battle against a slew of enemies, find secret areas and most importantly, chase down those high scores!


3) Dungeon of Zaar

‘Dungeon of Zaar’/DungeonofZaar

This bite sized turn based strategy was originally a Kickstarter project that quickly gained attention and was snapped up by the Square Enix Collective. Scheduled for release sometime this Summer, dungeon of Zaar has you play as an explorer, leading a chosen team of mercenaries to battle your way through dungeons collecting potions, armour and crafting items to best equip your team for the battles ahead.


4) State of Mind

‘State of Mind’ / Daedalic Entertainment

Somewhat mature for a typical game on a Nintendo platform, State of Mind is third person futuristic thriller with a strong focus on story. The story follows a Journalist named Richard and his family, whose minds have been uploaded into a virtual reality. When things go wrong however, Richard must try and find both parts of his split self, as well as his family, but soon realises his journey is about something much greater.


5) Seasons of Heaven

‘Seasons of Heaven’ / Any Arts Production

Indie studio AnyArts have adapted a small French novel ‘Seasons of Heaven’ into a wonderful looking adventure game, following a boy with Asperger’s syndrome and his canine companion in a post-civilization world. Little else is known about the game, aside from it involving monsters and a supernatural twist, but one thing’s for sure, these Unreal Engine 4 visuals look gorgeous in motion.