Get your groove on in the latest addition to the Rhythm Paradise franchise… Rhythm Paradise Megamix. It’s the ultimate collection of some of the best rhythm games from previous entries, with some new ones to boot. You’ll also encounter a mysterious being from Heaven World who needs help getting back, using the ultimate power of flow!

Does Rhythm Heaven Megamix flow to heavenly gods, or does it struggle to carry a tune? Find out after the break!

Rhythm Paradise Megamix Title

Rhythm Paradise Megamix
Nintendo 3DS Family Systems
Developed by Nintendo SPD1
Published by Nintendo
Released: 16th June 2016 (NA) 21st October 2016 (Europe)
Review copy provided by Nintendo
Screenshots/Art Courtesy of Nintendo

Those who have played previous Rhythm Paradise games (Rhythm Heaven for our friends across the Atlantic), will be fairly familiar with Megamix. Megamix introduces a story mode for the first time in the series. When you boot up the game, you witness a cutscene of a little pink dog-like creature falling from the sky. When you go to investigate, he introduces himself as Tibby, and asks you to help him get back to Heaven World. That is essentially the gist of the story.

To return to Heaven World, you have to complete four Rhythm Games at different gates, one after the other. Each gate is guarded by a strange and quirky character, who has some sort of problem. Completing the mini games will return their flow, allowing you to goto the next gate. At one point, one of the characters was a doughnut obsessed fanatic who was trying to find even more doughnuts… with the power of flow.


At certain points, you will also meet the three gatekeepers. These guys will get you to pay a fee of some coins, which you earn from completing games, to play a difficult game where timing is key. Luckily you can choose from three difficulties, but the easiest will cost you more. Though it is nice to have a story to hold all the games together, it kinda feels like it, ironically, slows the flow of the game. The writing is great and funny, but it can get to the point where you kinda want to keep pressing A to get to the next game quickly. There is too much text to go through between games.

The games themselves are extremely fun to play. Each game requires you to press a button with perfect time to the rhythm. IT isn’t as simple as that however. You’ll be translating an alien interview, helping cats chopping wood, play badminton in planes, and so much more. Some of the games are incredibly quirky! Later on, the games become really difficult as they will require the use of different buttons to perform different actions. For example, one game will require you performing a different dance move depending on the cue you are given. It’s nice to see that the game isn’t afraid to give you a good challenge, especially if you are looking for a perfect rating.


Of course, you are able to play any game you have unlocked in free play, to help improve your score. You can also hop onto the Challenge Train. The Challenge Train contains packs of previously played Rhythm Games which you just have to get to the end of. The main difference however is that most of the challenges include some extra rules. These included playing to a sped up tempo, or even having to perform perfect moves to ward away a hungry monster! Best of all, you can play these challenges with friends using Download Play! There are also perfect challenges, these require every single move to have perfect timing to complete. Completing challenges on the Challenge Train or Perfect Challenges will reward you with Flow Balls, a special currency that can be used to purchase music from the games or even new Rhythm Games from the preview games, and even a few new ones.

There are a couple of extra little things you can do. After a while, you will unlock a pachinko-like game called ‘Feed Goat’, instead of balls, you use turnips. You can earn more turnips by playing more Rhythm Games or by using your coins. The more you feed your goat, the more she levels up. The more she levels up, the more badges you can unlock to show off to your buddies. There is also a StreetPass mode called ‘Figure Fighter VS’. When you pass someone who has the game, information is exchanged like with all StreetPass hits. You can then play a mini game where you have to punch a button with the correct timings. The better your timing, the more the balloon above your opponents head will expand. You win when your opponents balloon pops.

Rhythm Paradise Megamix truly is the ultimate Rhythm Paradise package. Even though the story can slow the flow, it contains more than 70 of the best Rhythm Games from the previous games with 30 brand new ones. A lot of the games have a great sense of difficulty, and there is still plenty to do to best your score and to have fun. I fully recommend Rhythm Paradise Megamix.


Final Rating – 3.5 out of 5

Rhythm Paradise Megamix is out now for Nintendo 3DS Family Systems in Europe and North America!

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