The popular horror franchise, Resident Evil, has conceived 24 games (including remakes/remasters), 8 films and several novels, comics and other merchandise. If all that isn’t enough for you, then it is quite possible that we could see a TV series based on the franchise in the near future!

According to a source from, Shawn Christopher Lebert, a newbie to the TV production scene, will be manning the series, which is titled ‘Arklay’. From the title, it is to be expected that the series will take place in the Arklay Mountains and the Arklay Laboratories, which are both situated just north-west of Racoon City. Here is the ‘official’ pitch:

When Detective James Reinhardt is thrust into a series of bizarre homicides, he unravels the city is hiding a dark conspiracy. Learning a fatal virus is connected to it all, Reinhardt discovers it’s already coursing through him. With time no longer on his side, he must solve the conspiracy to save his own life.

There is also a pitch reel to help show the tone and atmosphere the show aims to achieve. It is very important to note that none of the following footage is from Akrlay, but from various other films and TV series, like Hannibal.

Personally, I am rather excited about this if it deems to be true. Obviously, it is likely that it will be set in a different tone that the movies, focussing more on drama and mystery rather than action [though I do like some of the Resi films, mainly the first two].

What do you think of this? Is it real or fake? What would you like the series to entail Tell us in the comments!

Leon Fletcher

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