Nintendo’s Forgotten Franchises – Wave Race

Nintendo make wonderful games; I think if you’re reading this then there’s every chance that you agree. However, if there’s one criticism that I could aim at them it’s that they often play it too safe. Whilst the last five years have seen the release of two major new franchises (Splatoon and ARMS), the same five years has also seen the release of close to 30 Mario themed games across various platforms. Now, I love Mario as much as the next gamer, but Nintendo have a wealth of franchises which have been neglected, in some cases for generations and new entries are long overdue. In this series I will explore some of Nintendo’s forgotten franchises and just how they might return in the future, starting with Wave Race.

James Moulding

I have been gaming for 30 years, starting mostly with PC Gaming, where I developed a penchant for classic point and click games. Over time I discovered Nintendo, starting with the Game Boy and the Super Mario Land games. Here, my love for Nintendo grew as I discovered many of their other franchises, from Zelda to Pokémon. These days I play a bit of everything but Nintendo and their unique creativity always keeps me coming back for more.