Nintendo Labo goes all terrain in brand new Vehicle Kits

Back in April, Nintendo Labo took the world by storm in unique new ways, with cardboard. The kits allowed you to create a ranged of different ToyCons and play with them in various ways by using the Nintendo Switch hardware and software. Labo also came with some really cool creation tools so you could programme your own ToyCon too. We absolutely loved Nintendo Labo, don’t believe us? Check out our review!

If you are starting to feel bored with all the ToyCon you’ve built already, then you’re in luck as Nintendo Labo is going all terrain in the newly announced Vehicle Kit. This kit allows you to create ToyCons like a Car, a Submarine, a Plane, a Pedal, two Keys and more, you can also seem to change your vehicle on the fly in one huge world. Best of all, there isn’t long to wait as the kit releases on the 14th September 2017… in just over a month!

Check out the press release after the break!


Leon Fletcher

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