Review – Ultimate Chicken Horse

There are countless 2D platformers on dozens of consoles over the decades of video game history. This century has also brought us a few sets of tools to make our own 2D platformers with the likes of the LittleBigPlanet and Super Mario Maker franchises. Leave it to indie developer Clever Endeavour Games to mix the playtime and creation aspects of the genre into one of the most laugh-out-loud multiplayer experiences I’ve ever played!

Make like a chicken (or a horse!) and jump to the full review!

Eric Zavinski

I’ve been playing Nintendo games since I was 3 years old, and my earliest memory is watching my dad play Super Mario 64.
Since then, I’ve become as big of a fan as you might imagine: YouTube video projects, fan fiction, owning just about every amiibo — you name it!
I’m also a stalwart defender of underappreciated games like Skyward Sword, Other M, Super Paper Mario, Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox Zero and more. I love to see passion in a gaming product, and my desire on this site is to share a similar passion in what I write.