Collector’s Rejoice With Dandara Super Rare Edition

While the world of Salt hangs of the brink of collapse, a heroine known as Dandara is your only ray of hope in this stylish 2D Metroidvania. Seeing it’s first ever physical release on Nintendo Switch, Dandara: Trials of Fear will be receiving a slightly different treatment from Super Rare Games with this collector’s bundle.

This 1,000 copy collector’s edition comes bundled with a cartridge containing the entire game (including the new Trials of Fear content), a 180 page full-colour guidebook, a custom designed pendant, a full set of 52 playing cards featuring unique art, a collector’s pin badge, an A3 size double-sided map, 2 soundtrack CDs, 2 sets of trading cards, a sticker, and an awesome collector’s box. If you’d rather not spend £75 on this awesome bundle, there is still the standard Super Rare edition on offer for £25. Both versions can be preordered from Thursday 3rd September at 6pm BST from the Super Rare Games store.

Check below for the trailer and a full press release!

Leon Fletcher

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