REVIEW – Pokkén Tournament

For 20 years, Pokémon has gained a mass following from its Game Boy origins, all the way to the Nintendo 3DS. The popular role-playing franchise has conceived several spin-offs such as Pokémon Stadium, Pokémon Snap, and Pokémon Rumble, a trading card game, an anime series, several movies, and even a live musical and a fairly perverted manga; it’s a fairly diverse franchise. As diverse Pokémon may seem, there has yet to be a game where fighting is at its core, true, most Pokémon games involve duels between two Pokémon, but that is based off of turn based gameplay rather than actual real-time combat.

In comes Pokkén Tournament for Wii U! Originally released in Japanese arcades during the Summer of 2015, quickly got the transition to Wii U later this week, for the whole world to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. Bandai Namco takes the basis of the Tekken games and places it in the world of Pokémon, more specifically, the region of Ferrum.

Will Pokkén Tournament be super effective with fans, or will is just be a K.O. into the bargain bin? Find out in our review, after the break!


Leon Fletcher

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