Squids Odyssey Cross-Buy only in EU… For Now

If you checked out this week’s Nintendo downloads for Europe, you would have noticed that Squids Odyssey is one of the first Wii U games to use the Cross-Buy feature. Cross-Buy is when you buy a game for one console, you can get the version for the other console for free. Unfortunately, it turns out that this promotion is only available in Europe, though the developers have mentioned that they want to expand the promotion.

Squid Odyssey

Here’s what they said with GoNintendo:

We are very excited by this promotion as it’s the first time this happens – as far as I know. It’s a proof that Nintendo is making efforts in giving more control to the developer on its pricing and promotions. I’m glad that our players will be able to play on 3DS and WiiU for the price of one game. It’s a shame that it’s only in Europe yet but hopefully this cross buy operation will be appreciated and the technical constraints that prevented it to happen in the US will be fixed.

Apparently the lack of the promotion is due to unspecified technical restraints, but at least it is good to hear that Nintendo are starting to board the Cross-Buy bandwagon.

Squids Odyssey is set to be released on the Wii U eShop this Thursday (3rd July 2014).

Leon Fletcher

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