REVIEW – Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Back in the days of the mid-2000’s, Pokémon was in a bit of a slump. Pokémania had tapered off after the second generation and was unable to really reach the same highs with the third, so with the release of the Nintendo DS came a new opportunity to strike big. The growing audience for gaming thanks to Nintendo’s push into the “Blue Ocean” gave Pokémon Diamond and Pearl a sporting chance to reach many more newcomers than ever before. But that was 2006/2007, we’re now in an age of unparalleled popularity for the series and the time has come for the remakes of the fourth generation, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, to once again make their mark. Welcome back to the world of Sinnoh, may your adventures begin!


Long time fan of Nintendo and games in general, I always lean on the quirkier and unique sides of things in particular. It all started when I was lucky enough to get a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Yellow for my tenth birthday and it’s been going strong ever since. I’ve always had a need to get my voice heard and share anything I find interesting with the world.