REVIEW – Gunstar Heroes (Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack)

Gunstar Heroes became an instant classic when it first released back in the early 90’s on the Sega Genesis. Gaming has moved on a lot since then, and while we embrace 4K gaming with photo-realistic graphics, is there still room to enjoy classics at a 4:3 aspect ratio? 

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REVIEW – Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack)

If the question was “Name a chaotic racing game that is almost guaranteed to make you lose friends”, the answer would almost certainly be “Mario Kart”. As the years go by, this only rings more true as the series has been incredibly creative in finding innovative ways to make the game fun for players of all levels. Mario Kart 64, originally released back in 1996, was the first 3D outing for the series and has now finally made its debut on the Nintendo Switch via the “Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) + Expansion Pack”. Check out what we thought in this review!

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