REVIEW – Nexomon: Extinction

Since its release, Nexomon: Extinction has had some Quality of Life updates. This review is based from version 1.1.0 on the Nintendo Switch.

LimeTurtle Inc first formed in 2014 and Nexomon: One, a mobile only title, was their first full venture once partnering with the original team behind a game known as “Micromon”. Since then, the team has been working hard for their first full console release with Nexomon: Extinction. 

Nexomon Extinction is, in the words of the developer themselves, “a return to classic monster-catching” and it is a fine example of doing what it says on the tin. As one of many orphans residing at a small Orphanage, you begin your journey in dramatic fashion which leads to you picking one of nine Nexomon as your starter. Although this may sound like a daunting decision early on, you can catch every single starter Nexomon in the wild, albeit they are very rare and thus hard to find. As a young Tamer, you set out on an adventure together with your friends with the aim of climbing the ranks of The Guild – a well-respected organisation to protect the world from any threat and to save humanity from the potential brink of extinction. Find out what we thought in our review!