REVIEW – Harmony of a Hunter: Returns

Thirty-five years ago, Metroid graced our screens and helped define the Metroidvania genre. Though the series has laid dormant for a fair while, and anniversaries generally not being acknowledged, Nintendo are now treating us to the first mainline entry to the series in over fifteen years: Metroid Dread. While we wait for that, however, Shinesparkers, the biggest Metroid fan site in Europe, wants to celebrate the series in style with their sixth album: Harmony of a Hunter: Returns.

The album, which releases today, is a celebration of Metroid’s musical history, reinvigorating the soundscape and giving a new perspective on the music involved. The album also goes back to their previous two Harmony of a Hunter projects, switching the tracks up further and also introducing some which never made the original cut. Check out our full review after the break!

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Leon Fletcher

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