OMG! Double Barrel Shotgun all the way in Fortnite update

The dudes, dudettes, and everything in-between at Epic Games have launched a brand new update for Fortnite, bringing the software version up to 5.20! There are two major editions to this update, a brand new weapon, and a brand new LTM (limited time mode).

The update introduces the brand new double barrelled shotgun that packs one heck of a punch at close range, which is exacerbated by it’s double shot. This ballistic weapon comes in both the Epic and Legendary variety, so pick one up before anyone else can for a close range devastation.

The update comes packed with a brand new LTM too; Steady Storm. Do you often find yourself searching for goodies while waiting for the storm to shrink again? Well, you better watch yourselves as this mode contains no safe zones. Once the storm starts, it will not stop, who knows where the eye of the storm will lead ya!

There have of course been a couple new additions to the Save the World mode, but as it still isn’t available to play on Switch, I’m going to keep that in the press release below along with the rest of the patch notes. Check them out after the break!

Leon Fletcher

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