LEGO x Super Mario Playsets Announced

Earlier this week, The LEGO company teased a collaboration of sorts with Nintendo’s Super Mario. Today, we got a glimpse of what this collaboration will entail. Later this year, people will be able to build their own Super Mario worlds with LEGO. The playsets will incorporate a special Mario figure that will be able to interact with your creations in unique ways.

The video below should give you a small glimpse of what to expect.

What do you think of the look of this brand new collaboration? Have any ideas on what else could be included? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below or on social media!

Check out the Press Release after the break.

Leon Fletcher

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Five Nintendo Crossovers We Need on Switch

Nintendo has been on something of a crossover campaign as of late. From pure Nintendo efforts like Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam to the more adventurous third party titles like Tokyo Mirage Sessions # FE, Hyrule Warriors, Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, Fire Emblem Warriors and now Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Nintendo is becoming more and more liberal with its IP. So in celebration of this month’s release of the aforementioned Mario and Rabbids crossover (which, incidentally, looks surprisingly brilliant) we got thinking – can we come up with any more ideas for potentially great Nintendo crossovers?

So here’s what we got – check out our five new crossover ideas we want to see on Switch after the break, and be sure to let us know your ideas down in the comments!


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Review – Lego Worlds

Creativity is a word that, up until now, the team behind the main series of Lego video games didn’t seem to know the meaning of, paradoxically. The reason I say this is because the Lego video games follow basically the same formula, no matter what franchise it’s based on. (more…)

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