REVIEW – Super Mario 3D All-Stars

2020 marks thirty-five years since Super Mario Bros. first launched on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the plumber has featured in many different games ever since. 1996 saw the series’ revolutionary transition into the 3D world with Super Mario 64, followed by various other 3D ventures. As part of this year’s celebrations, Nintendo have launched this ‘star-studded’ compilation, showcasing the best Mario’s 3D world has on offer.

Jump through paintings and collect Power Stars in Super Mario 64, clean up some graffiti while basking in the sun in Super Mario Sunshine, and soar through the stars and defy gravity in Super Mario Galaxy. Does Super Mario 3D All-Stars reach for the gas-filled interstellar spheres, or is it starting to show its age? Find out in our review, after the break!

Let’s-a Go!
Leon Fletcher

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