KidZania London ‘switches’ things up with the Nintendo Labo Workshop

Earlier this year, on the lead up to Nintendo Labo’s debut, Nintendo held Nintendo Labo Workshop events which allowed members of the public to get some hands on time with the creative construction kits. The Nintendo Labo Workshop is returning, this time on a seemingly permanent basis at Kidzania, the ‘indoor city run by kids’.

The experience starts in the MAKE station, where kids are able to make and customise their own RC Cars. This is then followed by the Discover station, where attendees can bring their RC car to life with the Nintendo Labo software. The DISCOVER station will also allow guests to try out the other Nintendo Labo ToyCons. At the end of the experience, the youngsters will be able to take home their very own personal RC car, along with a super special Nintendo Labo Workshop certificate.

Check out the full press release after the break!


Leon Fletcher

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