REVIEW – Save Me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition

Save Me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition has recently re-appeared on the Nintendo eShop. Initially released with some unfavourable reviews back in 2018, the Developer Christophe Galati set out to work hard on the feedback and “fix” the game. Galati then went his separate ways with the original Publisher and has now re-launched the Definitive Edition, published by Limited Run Games. 

This game lands itself in a competitive sea of platforming indie titles on the Nintendo Switch and those seeking a quality platformer may easily miss this title. With the re-launch, is it sink or swim for our little Octopus friend Mr Tako?

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REVIEW – Untitled Goose Game

You’ve no doubt heard of the Untitled Goose Game. It’s swept the let’s play nation with its quirky antics and startling premise: controlling an ultra-intelligent goose with a desire to mess with the lives of all people. The humor easily comes across when watching a stream, but how fun is Untitled Goose Game to play for yourself?

Eric Zavinski

I’ve been playing Nintendo games since I was 3 years old, and my earliest memory is watching my dad play Super Mario 64.
Since then, I’ve become as big of a fan as you might imagine: YouTube video projects, fan fiction, owning just about every amiibo — you name it!
I’m also a stalwart defender of underappreciated games like Skyward Sword, Other M, Super Paper Mario, Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox Zero and more. I love to see passion in a gaming product, and my desire on this site is to share a similar passion in what I write.

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