REVIEW – Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

2019’s Fire Emblem: Three Houses proved massively popular amongst old fans of the series and newcomers alike, boasting lots of choice to even the nittiest, grittiest of details. So it would only seem natural for a follow-up title? Instead of any form of direct sequel (which would be massively difficult considering the many outcomes it had), Koei Tecmo are back in the reigns for an alternate timeline Warriors style approach, shifting the focus away from Byleth, the previous game’s protagonist, and into the hands of a new hero. The tides of time are changing, with many possibilities ahead. Which path will you choose?


Long time fan of Nintendo and games in general, I always lean on the quirkier and unique sides of things in particular. It all started when I was lucky enough to get a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Yellow for my tenth birthday and it’s been going strong ever since. I’ve always had a need to get my voice heard and share anything I find interesting with the world.

REVIEW – Fire Emblem Warriors

Yet another Nintendo franchise is receiving the hack and slash Warriors treatment in Fire Emblem Warriors for the Nintendo Switch. Charge your way through the kingdom of Aytolis with a range of cast members from the previous Fire Emblem games on Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS.

Is Fire Emblem Warriors trump the evil of game sales, or will it just be hacked and slashed into the bargain bin? Find out in our review after the break!


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