Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate footage emerges

Earlier today, Capcom launched the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Demo Version onto the Nintendo Switch eShop. I’ve been having a right blast preparing myself for the hunt later this month so far. If you would allow it, I would like to share some gameplay footage with you lovely lot. 

Let us start from the beginning, with this beautiful intro cinematic. This is then followed by the promo video to showcase some of the features this remaster has to offer.

Have I whetted your appetite yet? Check out some of my hunts, in glorious video form, after the break!

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REVIEW – Monster Hunter Stories

We’ve always assumed that, in the world of Monster Hunter, monsters were just there for the hunt. But what if you could befriend the monsters, ride them, and take them into battle. Believe it or not, there’s actually whole societies who have hidden themselves from the rest of the world for many years, and in those societies there are Riders!

In Monster Hunter Stories, you are the Rider whose solemn duty is to form bona with monsters and get to the bottom of the mystery of declining populations and the Black Blight. Will Monster Hunter Stories fly with pride like your trusty Ratha, or will it not even digest into Monster Dung? Find out in our review after the break!


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REVIEW – Monster Hunter Generations

It’s not easy being a Monster Hunter. The Larinoths are always getting in the way, the Bnahabras constantly think they can take you, and that Great Maccao thinks you’ll do as a nice snack. Monster Hunter is back, and takes everything that is great in the popular monster hunting RPG into one, in Monster Hunter Generations.

Will Monster Hunter Generations take the Astalos’ head as a trophy, or will it be digested into a steamy pile of monster dung? Find out in our in-depth review, after the break!


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Check Out Capcom’s Three Million Yen Felyne Statue

Recently, game developers have been going crazy for the anniversaries of their franchises. The Legend of Zelda Anniversary in 2011 saw The Symphony of the Goddess, a fantastic 4-movement orchestra of the greatest music from the franchise. Monster Hunters around the world rejoice as Capcom have recently announced a special product for Monster Hunter’s 10th anniversary, though this news may come with some dismay for fans who might not have a financial advantage… heck even fans who do have a financial advantage may be pissed off.



That beauty up there is a statue of a Felyne warrior [in a very suggestive pose] from the Monster Hunter franchise, weighing at 120g and measuring 55mm by 125mm by 90mm this spectacular statue will retail from an amazingly affordable price of ¥2,990,000 JPN, which works out to be roughly $29,089! Why is it so steep? Well, it’s only made of solid gold that’s all! No valuable collector’s item is complete without a certificate of authenticity, and luckily every statue sold will come with one.

Close Up Statue

That brings me to my next point. A collector’s item also would never be collectable unless it has a limited supply, and this statue will be very limited. The statue is only available to the first ten people who purchase it. If you are crazy enough to dish out that amount of money, then you can purchase it straight from Capcom here!

What do you think of the statue? Is it something you would be desperate to add to your collection? Or would you be able to carry on in life without it? Tell us in the comments!

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