Stay Off the Hook and Watch the Splatoon European Championships

Europe’s ultimate test to find the best Inkling squad is nearly here. On the 31st March 2018, Polymanga in Switzerland will be hosting the Splatoon European Championships 2018!

16 legendary teams from around Europe will enter the semi-finals on the 30th and 31st March, with only four entering the finals on the 31st to take home the glory. These teams include Team Mako and 4D from the UK, NinPlayers from Italy, and, of course, Splat Tim from Russia.

That’s not all! As a pre-final event, Inkopolis’ pop-idol duo, Pearl and Marina, will be performing in virtual form, accompanied by a live band, in the Off the Hook concert.

Check out the full press release after the break with info on where you can watch the events unfold live!


Leon Fletcher

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