New Paper Mario: The Origami King Details Emerge

With nearly a month until Paper Mario: The Origami King launches for Nintendo Switch, more details about the upcoming title have been announced. King Olly has commandeered Peach’s Castle in an attempt to fold up the world. Binding the castle, massive streamers are sprawled across the land and it’s up to Mario to unravel them at their source.

The new trailer has introduced some new unlikely companions, including Bobby, a Bob-Omb suffering from amnesia, and Olivia, King Olly’s kind-hearted sister. The trailer also went in-depth on how the new ring-based battles will work. Mario can rotate rings and slide columns to try and bunch up enemies before the timer runs out. You’ll then have to decide which of your weapons to use to make the biggest impact.

Taking on the big bad bosses of the world, aptly named ‘The Legion of Stationery’, takes a slightly different approach. This time you’ll have to move the rings and columns to build a path for Mario to reach the boss in the centre. Having trouble? Depending on how many Toads you have rescued during your adventure may affect how much support they’ll provide in-battle. Always worth helping a little guy in need!

Check out the new trailer below, as well as a press release and gallery after the break!

Leon Fletcher

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