REVIEW – BoxBoy! + BoxGirl!

Nintendo are perhaps best known for their character-led franchises, with the likes of Mario, Donkey Kong and Kirby being mainstays on Nintendo consoles for many years. One of their lesser-known stars is BoxBoy, who made his debut on the 3DS in 2015 and went on to star in two sequels, also on the 3DS. Developed by HAL Laboratory (creators of Kirby), the BoxBoy series were roundly praised by critics but despite this never caught on in a big way, perhaps due in part to only being available on the e-Shop outside of Japan. The latest title in the series, BoxBoy + BoxGirl, brings the character to the Switch for the first time and this time he’s bringing BoxGirl along for the ride, but is it worth playing? Read on to find out more.

James Moulding

I have been gaming for 30 years, starting mostly with PC Gaming, where I developed a penchant for classic point and click games. Over time I discovered Nintendo, starting with the Game Boy and the Super Mario Land games. Here, my love for Nintendo grew as I discovered many of their other franchises, from Zelda to Pokémon. These days I play a bit of everything but Nintendo and their unique creativity always keeps me coming back for more.